RIP Subliminal Skatepark

Words: Nate Keegan

The feeling of a skate shop, or skatepark that you adore closing is a hard feeling to explain to someone that doesn’t know it. Closest thing I can think of is breaking up with a chick x 10. Besides enabling you to skate through those horrible east coast winters, it keeps kids out of trouble and gives you something to look forward to.

You run into friends from the past you otherwise would never see. It’s a blessing. Jay and Kanya Moelk have done so much for all of us. Far beyond just giving us a place to skate, all while not making a cent off of it. I can even go as far as to say I can’t count how many times I was hungry and they fed me home cooked food. It was a safe haven for a lot of people and I’ve had that lump in the throat feeling since I found out this morning that they will be closing their doors September 27th.

I absolutely speak for everyone when I say thank you guys so much for everything you’ve done to keep skating and the park alive for all of those years, and I know all of the good karma will come back to you guys.

Classic Joey.







Previously, all I knew about Imperial Motion was that Joey Pepper rode for them. Now, Joey Guevara rides for them, too. It’s a team of all Joey’s. Maybe his name wasn’t actually Joey and he had to change it to Joey to be on the team. Is there still two Joey’s or is this some Highlander, “there can be only one.” type shit?

Oh shit, another Joey. He should be on Imperial Motion, too but he’s too busy skating to motherfucking PRINCE for Kinetic skateshop and it is GLORIOUS.

Classic Joey.

The Öctagon is totalitarian and omniscient





Some dudes made a video. This is the description. I think they’re talking about, “The Matrix”.
“The Öctagon is totalitarian and omniscient. Billions of data are generated by this independent system and build a unique reality. Individuals live within the Öctagon. Geographic space doesn’t exist for real, it is not tangible but still defined by a multitude of data.”

This video taught me that if I drink smoothies I might be able to skate like Aaron Harrington.

I didn’t know it was a rumor that Janoski sold the rights to his name to Nike for $4M but the Ride Channel investigates.

Busenitz, Gerwer, Anderson. It’s good, yo.

Science Topics for Research Papers

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Vintage De La Soul and Back Tails.

Vintage De La Soul tracks in modern skate edits may not be palatable to anyone under 27 but we’re backing it. Bobby Worrest and Austin Holcomb are Three Feet High and Rising

Brian Delaney’s Backtails are money in the bank for DQM.

Grosso is amazing.

Dollin’s no worse for the wear. The “PROPELLER” RAW files are pretty fucking gnarly.

Step Dad Mag photo editor, CMART has a photo show this week.

The WOLF contributed to this Willow edit.